Sylvia graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. After spending a few years in advertising and other parts of the design business, she found herself yearning to do more illustrating. In 2002 her studio, The Power of Whodo was born. From that moment she found herself rejuvenated, striving to help small companies realize their full potential and also creating art work that evokes a sense of childhood and wonder. As a published children’s book illustrator, she enjoys making kids laugh and tries to work a little of smile in to every project that she takes on.


2002 Guitarmania
“Rock the House that Love Built”

2003 Sparx in the City
“…you know that urban myth about the alligators in the water system?”

2003 Ponies for Akron Children’s Hospital
“When I Grow Up I Want to be a Quarterback Horse”

2005 Flamingo Celebration for the Akron Zoo
Fire and Water Flamingos

2006 House of Plastics
“Synthetic Spring”

2006 InguenityFest
Art Jam participant

2007 Art Fur Animals Benefit
“Rocket Dog”

2007 Festival of the Arts
St. John Westshore

2007 Moxie the Restaurant
Holiday Decor

2009 SCSDC: Year of the Rat
“Cuyahoga River Rat”

2008 Moxie the Restaurant
“Fool’s Frolic Decor”

2009 SCSDC: Year of the Ox
“Punk Ox”

2009 Art Fur Animals Benefit
“Downward Facing Dog”

2009 Cleveland Film Commission Fundraiser
Fender Guitar: “Sugar Crush”

2010 Art Fur Animals Benefit
“Shhh…You Don’t See Me”

2010  SCSDC: Year of the Tiger

2011  SCSDC: Year of the Rabbit
“Funny Bunny Down the Rabbit Hole”

2012 Art Fur Animals Benefit
“Paisley Dog”

2011 Moxie the Restaurant
Dogs Unlimited Rescue Event Decor

2011 Holden-Arboretum Gnome Project

2011 Fairfax Elementary School
“Rainbow of Hands” Mural

2012 Guitarmania
“Rusted Roots”

2012 Art Fur Animals Benefit

2012 SCSDC: Year of the Dragon
“My First Dragon”

2013 SCSDC: Year of the Snake
“Snake in the Grass”
“Name Your Poison”

2013 Art Fur Animals
“Night of the Light-up Dead”

2014 SCSDC: Year of the Horse

2015 SCSDC: Year of the Sheep
“Optigoat Illusion”

2015 SCSDC: Art Fur Animals
“Daily Arfirmations”

2015 Inspired Art for America Scores
“Top of the World”


The Power of Whodo   |   216.221.4281
14900 Detroit Ave, Studio 309, Lakewood, Ohio 44107